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Leaders showing both subassy and component properties

Question asked by Adam Scheible on Mar 3, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2009 by Adam Scheible
Let me start by saying I know I can't have something both ways, most of the time. Let me also say I have a drawing balloon leader that shows Part No and Description pulled from a custom property combining the two.

Here's my problem.

I have a main assembly consisting of two sub assemblies. Please see the two attached pics.

1. One of those sub assemblies is soldered together and should be shown as the 014-015 sub assembly number on the drawing. This sub assembly consists of part 014-013 (body) and 022-011 (barb), but becomes 014-015 sub assy.

2. The other sub assembly is an o-ring and a stem. I still need this shown as a sub assembly, but want the leaders to show individual part numbers.

I know about the configuration property setting "Don't show child comps in BOM when used as a sub assy." AM I JUST OUT OF LUCK HERE?