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Can I make drawings reload the drafting standards automatically?

Question asked by Chris Canterbury on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Chris Canterbury

At my new job there were only engineers making drawings.  Now I, a trained drafter, am here (and there was much rejoicing).


I've extensively modified/updated the drawing templates, sheet formats, and drafting standards.  This works well for new drawings, but not so much for the existing drawings.  If the template is not updated, that is acceptable, but my boss is hoping to update the drafting standards on all the drawings.  The new standards have the same name as the old ones, but that does not mean the sheet will reload them.  Is there an option to reload the drafting standards quickly?


Can this be done automatically?  Or happen upon opening the drawing?


I don't relish the idea of opening every single drawing just to update the standard.  (I'd be hard-press not to see things that scream to be corrected.)