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Appearance Changed on Export

Question asked by Noah Jackowitz on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2018 by Noah Jackowitz

After saving an assembly to a step file, all parts that were linked to configurations are un-suppressed and translucent green. Attached is an image showing a 4DOF configuration circled in red and 6DOF in blue. I looked at the "Appearances" tab in the assembly, and at each tier of subassemblies, but nowhere does it show the translucent green being applied. At the part document level, the green appearance simply disappears.


I'm looking under System Options>Colors>Color Scheme Settings to try to identify what the colors imply, so I can resolve it, but there are a lot of green items ranging from "Temporary Graphics, Add Material" to "Envelope Components".


Does anyone know what this is and how to fix it?