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Creating large radii sheet metal parts - graphics issue?

Question asked by Jocelyn Erchul on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Bob Van Dick

Okay. I'm attempting to make a double mitered flange piece for a pergola assembly.

When I create the model with a default radii, I get this:

sheet metal 2.JPG

But I need a radii that is 1.00, so it looks like this:


sheet metal 3.JPG


The problem, is when the mitered edges meet in assembly, it looks horrible. Especially where the bottom radii meet:

sheet metal 4.JPG


I need it to look like this:


sheet metal 5.JPG


But am unable to achieve this with the methods I've tried.

A simple extrude cut to line everything up doesn't work. I've tried different sheet metal sketch profiles. I've attempted to use the mitered flange command. I'm at a loss and need help!


Also, the model must be flattened. I've been able to get the model to behave appropriately, but with no flat pattern to accompany. Please advise!


Thanks in advance for your time!