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Is there a way to change GUID references after update?

Question asked by Fowler Ben on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by Silas Randell



I have made several composer documents for assemblies. When I update some of these assemblies, the screws from the solidworks toolbox swap GUIDs in composer. For example, before I update, the GUID of one screw is "Psocket head cap screw_din11" but after I update the assembly the same screw's GUID becomes "Psocket head cap screw_din9". This means that its locations and properties in views are for the screw that was previously number 9. I can't find a reason that these screws' GUIDs should change. Note, this only happens with toolbox components which I assume is because they have the same name in solidworks. Since doing this I have noticed the "import instance names" option, but this doesn't help me with composer animations I have already done. Is there a way to direct composer to the correct parts or to simply change the GUIDs manually? I'm not keen on going back and re-animating everything every time I update.