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Magnetic Mate and concentric rotation, probably easy solution?

Question asked by Judah Loewen on Aug 22, 2018
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Hi folks,

I'm doing a ducting layout as an assembly and I've setup my ducting pieces to have magnetic mates at the end of each piece (pictured below is the setup):

For most of my layouts, using the "ground plane" is great however sometimes the elbows need to be a different rotational angle (eg. ducting goes up into the rafters), below is a gif of my attempt at this problem (I used an elbow without a defined ground plane below):

rotation gif.gif

I created a plane 45 degrees to the top plane and was hoping the elbow would just rotate but no bueno. Does anyone have any thoughts? After I find a solution for this problem I hope to write a macro that allows quick parallel mating between planes and selections. Thanks all.