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Custom Properties disappearing from part file even after Saving and Checking into PDM Standard!!

Question asked by Craig Makarowski on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by Sam Sam

I'm currently using SW2018 SP3 and PDM Standard 2018,


PDM Standard issue with Custom Properties and them disappearing even after save and Check in to PDM, is this a data base delay problem. When i set up the custom fields properties in the part that match the variables in PDM Standard, and save the part and check in the part. Then go back and use the data card to add the values some of the parts even after save and Check in again. They just disappear even the custom property field in the part as well. I have about 50 custom properties. and all the variables defined in the PDM system for the data cards as well.
I do believe i have a SPR about this earlier in the year.
This is breaking me going live with PDM Standard. If anyone has insight into this let me know thank you.
the Custom properties are named Part_Type, SubCategory1, SubCategory1 that are in question the others seem to be fine. I even wrote a macro to
added the missing properties into a part with blank data.
Data card setup


Part Custom Property fields before and after save!

After using Data card interface to enter data this is what i get
Note 4 of the property lines disappear!

Data card variables


This is very strange!