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How to manage Creo and NX file in PDM vault

Question asked by Jeremy Ji on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by Clark Honzik

I am recently working on PDM configuration, and we are expecting that PDM can handle Creo/NX/Catia files, but there are some limitations, especially with Creo files.


Creo creates file with .1 .2 .3 by default, this will cause a few issues, no PDM version control, no data card, files are saved as "local file", need to be added to vault manually, purge function does not work once files are checked in. (I understand that it may work if data-cards can be created for all those extension from .1 to .999)


If this versioning feature is turned off in Creo, it would be .prt file,and PDM won't be able to know if this is Creo or NX,  and turning off the versioning feature is bad practice per Creo, since this is how Creo do back-ups. 


The current Creo connector was tested and not functioning very well, we were told to wait for the new connector, since SW is working on a brand new connector.


I was wondering if anyone manage Creo / NX / Catia file in PDM vault, and how to deal with .1 .2 files, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you very much.