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Solidworks Drawing Files - Rebuild and Save Time Issue

Question asked by Darrell Conley on Aug 22, 2018
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We are experiencing a unique issue when it comes to SolidWorks on our system we have.  Currently we have 5 engineering stations all of them running SolidWorks 2018 SP3.  Not that it makes a huge difference we have 4 stations running Windows 7 and one station running Windows 10.  Now here is the fun part.


We typically do our drawings into a single file or broken into sub assembly modules.  However lately we have been having an issue with opening and rebuilding these drawing files.  If I create a drawing file for my project on my computer there are no issues loading, rebuilding and saving the file.  However if it is opened on another work station what takes me mere minutes to do can take 30-40 minutes to perform a simple operation.  I just experienced this the other day with a print package that had a missing dimension on it.  Ended up adding the dimension and taking 35 minutes to save a 15 page print package.  Now I want to point out that this drawing was created on one of the Windows 7 computers and then opened on a Windows 7 computer.


This then happened again with another print package.  This one was created on the Windows 10 computer then opened on one of the Windows 7 computers.  After about 25-30 minutes the package was rebuilt and saved then a new file was created and the tabs were copied into this new file which ran without issue or delay like it normally does on that computer.  The engineer working on it closed it and the new file was then opened on another computer as a test.  And the file was just fine!  There are only a couple of computers who when the file is created there isn't an issue but there are a couple of others where if they create the file it's almost impossible to use.


What could possibly be the issue that we have going on here?


Edit: I think we narrowed it down.  On a hunch I looked through the computers and three computers are running SP3, one is running SP2 and one is running SP1.  The computers that are spitting out the prints that are difficult to rebuild/save are the ones made on the SP2 and SP1 computers and the ones that open without issue are made on the SP3 computers.  I think this might be an issue with the SolidWorks not being up to date on the other two comptuers.  We are going to update the two computers to SP3 and see if the issue persists.