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Help to create a macro to save file with new name using information pulled from PDM?

Question asked by Cosden Leahey on Aug 21, 2018



I am trying to write a macro to take a part file and save it as a STEP. The part file will have a generic name ex. "Cylinder, Project 1.sldprt". In PDM, however, there is a unique part number and revision assigned. When saving the STEP file, I would like it to save under the format: "PART NO., REV, DATE" ex. "01500, REV A, 8-21-2018.STEP"


This is one step, but I would also like to do this for a drawing file. The same process would be repeated but I would like it to save a DXF and a PDF of the drawing, using the same naming convention.


Is this something feasible using macros? I am new to doing this, so help to get on the right track is greatly appreciated.