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Trouble flattening part with bends in multiple axis

Question asked by Taylor Havens on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by Ruben Balderrama

I am using solidworks 2017 and I have a model that has a large bend radius along the entire part, as well as bends in another direction. I have tried converting it into sheet metal after modeling. I have also tried modeling the flat pattern and adding sketched bends, I was successful in adding the minor bends but cannot seem to add the large radius by doing that (it gives me an error saying it cannot create sketched bend). I have searched the forums and have not found anything helpful saying it can be done. If it's not possible, then there is my answer. But any information on how to bend it to a flat pattern while still having the large radius in the flat pattern is what I am after. I have attached a simple version of the model as I am not allowed to post what I am working on.