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Check-in from disk is a pain.

Question asked by Simon Brooke on Mar 3, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2009 by Simon Brooke
I would think most people using PDMW would come accross this (or perhaps it's just me and there's a way around it - fingers crossed).
I am checking in individual legacy documents from disk but it's a bit more of a pain than I think it should be:

Our network filenames consist of a 5 digit part number and a two digit issue level. When I use the check-in, I navigate to the file and attach it to the check-in dialogue. I cannot rename it here (and don't want to on the network). So I retain ownership, so I can rename it in the vault. Before this, I go to the revision level and bump up the revision - PDMW complains about it being out of sync (but this is ok). Finally I press check-in. Now the two problems - firstly the update to the vault can take 20-40 seconds and prior to this, search suggests the document does not exist. So it's just a case of repeatedly pressing the find button until the update appears (refresh doesn't provoke an update either). Is this normal? Secondly, the revision I told PDMW I wanted is ignored: it goes back to A. Is there a way to convince PDM that I REALLY DO want that issue level, rather than having to bump it once in the vault (which is slightly unwieldy).

Thanks for your time.