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Transferring File History to New Vault

Question asked by Adon Nicholls on Aug 21, 2018

Hi All,


We have recently been looking at moving to a new vault as our old one has started to fall down and become clunky due to inadequate file management by employees in the past. Rather than trying to fix it and potentially cause it to fall over whilst we need it, we thought it would be easier to create a new vault with a set departmental folder structure that employees shouldn't/ couldn't deviate from.

Unfortunately after implementing the workflows, vault structure etc. and looking to start transferring data, we have noticed that the file history of files, especially parts, does not copy over. This is obviously very useful in determining what has happened in a file's past. We have change note data such as the EC number and 'comment' on the part card which helps a bit but it would be nice to see the full history of parts on the new vault.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Kind Regards,