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Property and text in equation in bom

Question asked by Daniel Lawrence on Aug 21, 2018
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Trying to standardize an Auto Bill of Materials for my company, we've done it manually up until now. We're going through and editing all of the structural member profile properties so they display size and mass etc. as per our desired existing BoM below.



We have all other items using the 'size' column as you would expect by propagating that property up from the file/weldment/profile. However, we've run into a problem when trying to combine parts that include sheet metal. Typically we would specify the sheet metal 'size' as the sheet thickness & 'PL'. I.E. 3mm thick plate would be called 3PL. Solidworks holds 'sheet metal thickness' as a separate property to 'size'. I have the below table as an example of what the auto-bom has produced.


I have used the below equations to check if the 'size' property is populated and if no return the sheet thickness:






I have tried to read through the solidworks syntax help to find out how to then add the letters "PL" to the end of this so item 4 size would be 3PL but it only returns PL. I can get PL to appear before the thickness by using:







Is there a way to get PL to appear AFTER the sheet metal thickness? I want the result to be 3PL of the 'SIZE' of item 4. I don't want to have to edit this in the cut list properties each time.