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Equation unit handling can be improved

Discussion created by Asko Kauppi on Aug 19, 2018
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I like the parameter based workflow that SolidWorks makes possible. However, it seems to fall short when it comes to dealing with units. Here are some ideas on how the tool could be done better.


Disclaimer: I'm a novice with SolidWorks (using since autumn 2017, not full time); be kind to me.




Those are parameters for two spur gears I'm working on.

The concerns are separate, but all having to do with units, so I thought to bring them here, together.


1. Number of teeth should not have a unit


The formula divides two values, both having "mm" as the unit. The outcome should be without units.

Actual outcome: outcome is in "mm"


2. SolidWorks could take care of angular units

Maybe it is customary to work with either radians, or degrees, in designs, but I would like the tool to be more flexible in this. Like it allows distances to be either metric, or feet, and does conversations. Then, I could:

- provide "Circular pitch" in degrees (as is now)

- evaluate "Inner pitch" as (for example) "rad("Circular pitch") * …".   I was surprised to see there are no deg(), rad() conversion functions available. Then I noticed I am expected to pick my preference lower in the dialog...




How do you feel - is this a shortcoming in the current tool (using SolidWorks 2019 Beta 2), or is it just me?