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    How to make a sketch line twice as long as another?

    Asko Kauppi

      Would like the dark blue line to be twice as long (and midpoints aligned) as the light blue line. I tried the following:


      • Smart Dimension > "2*" + click the blue line


      A relationship to be formed between the two sketch entities, and the green OK to work.


      I get this funny black/red equation with a lone quote mark at the end. OK tick does not work, nor give an error.




      I then tried:

      • removing the lone quote
      • adding a quote just after "2*"
      • renaming the sketch so there's no space in its name


      None of these mattered.


      Is this a bug?

      How would you form such an innocent-looking relation between two sketch entities?  (Limitation: I don't want to add a global variable for this.)


      Solidworks 2019 Beta 2