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    Drawing boundery box size

    Lasse Nielsen

      Hi Forum,


      Does anybody know the exact size of the pink boundary box on drawing views?

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          Wojciech Paterski

          i'm sure there was something in DriveWorks Solo, that was allowing to set that size, but don't know how it is in SolidWorks.



          PS> the box is blue on image

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              Lasse Nielsen

              Yeah, its is blue on the picture   blue when selected, pink when highlighted


              Anyway, I was actually using DriveWorks when and needed the size to precisely place a drawing view on a sheet. And from what i could see it is 11.88mm (5,94 to each side). A very unusual number so my guess would be that it was only accurate to 2 decimal place.


              After your post I started investigating the option to increase the decimal place and luckily I found it.


              The box is 10mm x 10mm and the value is accurate to 8 decimal place so to everybody else wondering: The exact size is 11.88mm regardless of size and scale of the drawing view.



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                  Dan Pihlaja

                  OK, I am completely lost.

                  The boundary of a drawing in a Solidworks drawing isn't static...it is dynamic.  If you part gets larger, then the drawing view gets larger.

                  I do know that if you place an empty view, then it is a specific size.  Are you referring to that size?


                  Nevermind....I think I get it.....you are referring to the offset distance from the view border to the bounding box of the part.


                  I am curious.....why do you want to know this information