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Using equations to drive configurations

Question asked by Garrie Russell on Aug 17, 2018
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So in my new company we make metal drawer cabinets of all shapes and sizes. There are also a of number of drawers per cabinet configurations

I have been tasked with making models easier to configure. Currently i have inherited a system based on upper level equations used to adjust the height, width, & depth of drawer cabinet. The designer has to go into each model and make changes to the equations for that model. He then has to do the same for drawers. In the drawers are also items that can be options (so turned on or off). My questions are, as i have not done a lot with this upper level equation system. Can equations turn on and off configurations?, Can you use an upper level assy equation to drive a sub assy. Our biggest problem is that for each unit produced we need: height, width, depth, number of drawers, size of drawers, hole placement for drawer sliders, and what options we turn on or, can i do this with equations, or is there some other way forward. We are ultimately going to switch over to driveworks but need an interim method. Any help would be much appreciated