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    Is anyone experiencing slow drawing opening?

    Bryan Sautter

      Is anyone experiencing slow drawing opening or slow switching from an assembly to a drawing.  I get the viewing at the top but it is not open yet.

      I don't believe it is my machine because it did it with the old machine. 

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          Solid Air

          If you are running SP3.0 of SW and SW PDM then yes we are experiencing this.  No resolution from our VAR yet.


          EDIT: I forgot to specify SW2018

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              Bryan Sautter

              We are running SW2017 SP5.0 but tend to believe it is a SW issue. 

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                  Sam Sam


                  It would be quite good to specify PDM Standart/Professional? And what Windows version?


                  I doubt that a problem in SolidWorks.


                  Subjectively, I would separate the reasons so:

                  1. - more than 50% of problems are the Firewall settings (ports, permissions...), antivirus (exceptions, the pro-active protection...), Windows (updates, rights of the user, settings of high-speed performance, services.).

                  2. - about 25% - are сlient hardware, network speed, Servers settings (SQL, Files Server, SNL)

                  3. - about 20% are problems of the SolidWorks and PDM settings.

                  4 - less than 5% are problems of the program (but from 2017 SP5 them much less).


                  Therefore I would begin with point 1. There is many information on these questions. As for updates - it is insufficiently simple to turn off them (or delete) - repar installation of SolidWorks is necessary after that.

                  It is possible to repeat installation of all packets from the Preregs folder (install distributive).


                  Still there are questions:

                  - Problems only in PDM?

                  - There is no Perfomance Evaluation - any councils (for example the file of prior version)?

                  - Quality of display in templates not really high?

                  - Toolbox is used? How it is set up? Load time of Add-ins?

                  - Libraries are used (they in PDM or out PDM?

                  - Users have the rights of the administrator (or at least start of programs is set up with the rights of the administrator?)

                  - An input in PDM SQL (PDM Standart) or Domain users (PDM Profesional)?


                  If there is a confidence that it is PDM - I for a start would advise to check settings of users and groups (there can be problems).

                  Also variables can be set up incorrectly.

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                      james demarco

                      So what are the required port, av, and firewall settings - if 50% of the problem lies there, that would suggest the problem was identified - please share the solution.

                      I am struggling with the decrease in speed - every time we upgrade it seems we go slower.  I have tested everything I can think of - and still cannot find the root cause.  It appears all activity simply stops... there is nothing happening when it "hangs". Turing off the majority of refresh options on the PDM task pane helped a lot - but WHY - if it is just querying SQL that should not take any time at all - and if you watch the DB - nothing is happening - it sure looks like software to me.

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                  Frederick Law

                  Latest Windows 10 update include patch for another Intel CPU security vulnerability which could slow down servers and computer.

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                    Bill Stadler

                    We are on SW2018 SP3 and see the same thing.  Preliminary Testing of SP4 showed no difference.

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                        Ken Maren

                        Our VAR has an SPR on this but it was supposed to be fixed in SP4.   :-(  Thanks for the update.  This particular SPR (I don't have the number) is not happening to everyone.   Here is the description of the SPR.


                        SOLIDWORKS PDM - Integration: Some operations (Rotate view, Centerline change, Block move) in drawing are slow (mouse pointer becomes circle) when SW PDM add-in is turned on *2018 SP3 regression

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                        Sam Sam

                        If for drawings templates with blocks are used or with texts which are on a local disk - it can be the cause of slow opening of drawings.

                        It is desirable to check a location of all files of the SolidWorks settings - perhaps specified locations incorrect.

                        If any biblioteks/settings files are in PDM - to try to set up Caching in case of an input.

                        It is possible to check settings of external references in SolidWorks and PDM.

                        There are still settings of up-dating of mass, a graphics, etc. But it is identical both to PDM and out of PDM.

                        In PDM there are settings of nodes and viewing for types of files - SLDDRW, PDF, etc.

                        To check - perhaps there, something not as is necessary. For today, there are no other sentences.