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Display states as they relate to CG location.

Question asked by Karsten Farley on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by Karsten Farley

As I understand it, the different display states affect the weight and CG of assemblies as follows:



- Remains in BOM

- Maintains mates while hidden

- Can select to include or exclude from assembly weight

- Hiding does not affect CG location

- Cannot be used for mates while hidden

- Faster when configuration switching 



- Removes from BOM

- Suppresses all mates attached to the part/assembly

- Excluded from assembly weight

- Changes CG location

- Cannot be used for mates while suppressed

- Slow when configuration switching 



-    Not included in CG location

-    Not used for weight

-    Not shown on drawings

-    Not included in BOMs

-    Can be used for mates while in envelope

-    Slow when configuration switching 


Is this correct?