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Creating Swept Temporary Bodies

Question asked by Zhen Yan on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by Artem Taturevych

I'd like to make temporary bodies by sweeping a circle along edges (IEdge, ISketchSegment, anything along those lines ). I'm trying to compute the Minkowski sum. Basically, making grooves of a certain radius from edges, like an o-ring groove.


I made a circle curve normal to one of the points of the edge. Then I thought I was going to call either IModeler::CreateSweptBody() or IModeler::CreateSweptSurface(), but turns out, SweptBody() requires you to make selections. Curves can't be selected. Body2::Select2() returns false and indeed selects nothing even after making it a wire body, regardless of whether I made them selectable or not.


SweptSurface() takes a direction vector. It doesn't look any different than an extrusion.


I could try CreateLoftSurface() or CreateLoftBody(), but I'd have to generate guide curves that are on the resulting surface, which would defeat the point of doing this to begin with.


How do I do this?