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    Solidworks crashes upon opening a specific drawing file.

    Angelo Giovannone

      Solidworks crashes when opening a specific drawing file. Other files seem to open fine. I've tried the Open GL and deleted the related keyshot file hoping to get rid of any add-in problems, but nothing has worked so far. I'm using SW 2016.



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          Alex Lachance

          Send the file to your VAR. My guess is it's most likely corrupted. If you were able to open it recently, I suggest rolling it back to a previous version to see if it fixes your problem.


          Here's a few way to trouble shoot:


          Have you tried opening it with the factory reset setting that SolidWorks RX offers you? I read that you tried openGL but maybe one of your setting is causing SolidWorks to crash.


          Have you tried opening it in lightweight mode? If you are already opening in lightweight, have you tried opening in resolved? I've had drawings crash when opening because they would open the assemblies in lightweight mode.


          Do you have a lot of messages checked to not show again? I've had crashes because of certain messages being checked to not show again




          If you end up being able to open in either resolved or lightweight mode, it is generally a section or detail view that causes crashing for me so try removing some and saving as until you find the culprit.


          Hope this helps