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how to draw non-cirular spirals

Question asked by Sami Hawasli on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2018 by Dave Bear

Hello all,


I had a question regarding the best way to draw non-circular spirals. I have created many circular spirals and helixes (not sure if that is how you make helix plural)  using the Curves\Helix and spiral tool. I want to create a spiral much like the one in the picture attached. The base of the spiral is a rectangle filleted edges rather than a circle, however, the helix and spiral tool requires a circle to function properly (I believe). I've tried using ellipses, slots, squares with fillets, nothing has worked. Before I brute force the design,i wanted to ask the community if there was a better way to create the drawing to maintain the ability to keep it easily parameterizelike the spiral and helix tool.


Thank you very much for the time and help in advanced,

Sami Hawasli