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    Adding a header and footer to customized BOM?

    Jocelyn Erchul



      In the above article, there is a bit about adding multiple headers using multiple general tables - linking information, etc.


      I'm trying to make a BOM that looks like this:


      Revamp BOM.JPG

      However, as you can imagine, when I *saveas in this format, upon re-inserting I lose the bottom "notes" section.

      If there's a work around, please advise!

      Thank you in advance.

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          John Stoltzfus

          The way I would handle it Jocelyn Erchul is to create a Custom Drawing Template with specific "Project/Job" Information, that information shouldn't be in the BOM.  The BOM works by retrieving individual properties from Assemblies and Parts and returns that information in the BOM.  If you must have that information on an individual Part/Assembly file then I would suggest to put that into those files Custom Property.  So bottom line if it's a Blanket Boilerplate Note, then that needs to be in your Drawing Template or added as a Note or Block and not part of a BOM..  But only you know what you want and what works for you, I just stated what I would do


          You can have those notes as a custom property in your main or sub-assemblies, then you can call those properties within a note.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            As John said, that isn't a typical BOM setup, and I don't believe you'll be able to save it as a BOM template.  I realize that you may not be able to change it, but if you can get it changed you might consider putting that information in the title block instead of the BOM.

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              Matt Peneguy

              John and Glenn appear to be right.  It's hard to tell, though, because the picture you uploaded is very low resolution and I can't read it.

              Just to elaborate on what Glenn was referring to, I'd put that info in the sheet format of a drawing template.  I'd use that template for any new drawings using that BOM.  And, if I added that particular BOM to an existing drawing, I'd make sure to swap sheet formats and voila, those notes would be in my drawing.

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                  Jocelyn Erchul

                  I didn't realize that sheet formats would copy over BOM's! That's really excellent.

                  This is a BOM standard that I am also unaccustomed to, but the new place I work for uses this standard.


                  The reason I'm looking for this capability is so I don't have to break links or merge cells for each new drawing project. Similar to the header, I would like to insert a row of text below the standard BOM that has no association with models or drawing views.


                  I've just had a difficult time trying to coordinate table objects with BOMs, because the BOM doesn't have snapping points to draw onto. Is it possible to create a BOM/Note hybrid block?

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                  Igor Fomenko

                  You can achive this if you insert dummy part in your assembly like me

                  5 total rows below are artificial (dummy) parts in my assembly

                  This is my BOM for fasteners

                  The last row is a total row too.

                  One more and the last example

                  Underlined rows are separation rows for documentation, parts, assemblies, materials and so on

                  Marked rows are dummy rows for assembly and general view drawings.

                  IF statements give you the ability to clear ItemNo and QTY cells for all these special rows authomatically.

                  So, I assigned special custom property "BOM order" for parts, assemblies, fasteners and for all that special and total rows (dummy parts) and now then I sort my BOM all rows are on the right positions.