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    File Open Dialog - Vista File Type Amnesia

    Gerald Davis
      On my XP32 system when I use the File Open dialog I can select the type of file to use as a filter (e.g. sldprt, slddrw, sldasm).

      On subsequent File Open cycles (during the same session) the filter remains in place until I select a different one. I find this very convenient and desirable.

      On my Vista64 sytem the filter resets to the "SolidWorks File Suite" wildcard every time. I find this very inconvenient and undesirable.

      Am I missing an option to have the File Open dialog remember or is this just one of those Vista improvements?
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          I am seeing the exact same phenomenon in XP Pro SP3 (32 bit).
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              John Sweeney

              Hi Chuck,

              The issue we fixed (SPR 432114) was a Vista-only issue.  Can you give more detail on what you're seeing with XP?  As far as I know, we don't have any reported cases for this issue on XP.



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                  Basically, the open file dialogue generally starts with whatever file type I last opened. Thus if I last worked on an assembly, it will default to sldasm. If it's going to default to anything, I would prefer it look for all SW files. I did not experience this prior to 2009 in XP (though this is the first computer on which I've run SP3--prior to this I was on SP2).

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                      John Sweeney

                      Hi Chuck,

                      I just tested SW2008 and SW2009 SP3 and I don't see any strange behavior on XP.  When I use the File-Open dialog and I set the "Files of Type" field to "SolidWorks files - *.sldprt, *.sldasm, *.slddrw", and then open an assembly, the next time I use the File-Open dialog it will still use the "SolidWorks Files - *.sldprt, *.sldasm, *.slddrw" file types.  This is the proper behavior.


                      If you are manually changing the "Files of Type" field to "SolidWorks Assemblies (*.sldasm)" and then opening an assembly, then it is expected that the next time you use the File-Open dialog that it will show the same "SolidWorks Assemblies" filter.  If this is the case, one option for you might be to keep the "SolidWorks files - *.sldprt, *.sldasm, *.slddrw" filter setting, and then in the "File Name" field, manually type in *.sldasm (or whatever "custom filter" you need, ie: "Gear*.sldprt" ) and hit the return key.  This will update the list of files shown to be whatever matches your manually entered filter.  The next time you use the File-Open dialog, you will still see all SW file types as you did on previous usage.


                      I hope this helps...


                      Best Regards,


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                  Aaron Hubert

                  Same here sir...

                  You never realize how much you would miss a "feature" until you do not have it.

                  Vista is great...

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                    Joe Rochinski

                    Back when I was using XP, I'd often search through a project folder with hundreds of files in it looking for the one I was interested in. Quite often, i'd get to the bottom of the list before I realized that the wrong file type was selected.


                    For me, the fact that it reverts to all solidworks files each time is a godsend. I right click in the file list and group files by file type. I also use the search box in the upper right when I know the name of the file I'm looking for. I can't even imagine going back to XP and having to live without this stuff now.


                    I'd suggest the developers add a checkbox for "Remember my selection" above the file type pulldown rather than just changing the behavior back to old XP style.

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                      Chris Sonon

                      This is a known issue with Vista; it is submitted as SPR: 432114. Currently it is listed as fixed in 2009 SP5.0 (no release date that I am aware of).


                      God Bless,


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                          John Sweeney

                          Hi Guys,

                          This issue has been fixed in 2009 SP5 which is scheduled for release soon.

                          Best Regards,


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                              Brian Cayer

                              I am having a problem with the file type displayed when using the open button with 2010 x64 Sp4.


                              It is not working in any kind of repeatable fashion.


                              It seems arbitrary and I have to select what I'm looking for in the file type box at the bottom every time.


                              Is there a way to manualy set this to always display all file types every time I go to open a file.


                              This would seem to me to be the best way. Then I could filter the file type if needed.


                              I'm tired of it opening in the wrong type most of the time.



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                                Peter De Vlieger

                                FIXED ? Would someone at SW then be so kind to tell us how to get the fix to work? And if there are any pre-conditions to the fix such as what OS  version, what computer, what phase the moon has to be in for it to work?


                                I have been using SW since 2009 and at the moment I'm using 2011 SP2 and I have yet to see the file open dialog box have any logic in what kind of file it wants to show. If it would be Solidworks files types it defaulted to it would be perhaps not so bad but as others have indicated it just doesn't happen. Time and time again it reverts to .drw or .prt and once in a while .asm but as close to never does it show all Solidworks files types.


                                It's ridiculous. It's sad. It's utterly fustrating to have to deal with.


                                I mostly draw piping that means most of the files I create are .asm. Can you imagine what it does to the ease of work when each and every (expletive deleted) time I have to re-adjust what files types to see in the open file dialog box?


                                Yet another one of the SPR's/ER's that got so called fixed except it didn't. So now we can all make new SPR's, Rx movies, upload files to demonstrate the absolute obvious and wait to see when it will be deemed suitable for been taking a look at.


                                You might think I'm being harsh but come on.... tell you boss you finished the project ,except you didn't, and see where that gets you. Better still tell you boss that he should claim to the customer that the project has been finished and see how that goes down.

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                                    Joe Rochinski

                                    I don't have this issue, and I'm using 2011 SP2 as well. I tried opening several different files, closing down and restarting solidworks in between, and it always remembered the last file type I selected. So to answer your questions:


                                    OS Version: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

                                    Computer type: Custom-built Core i7 970, 24GB RAM, ATI FirePro 3D 7800, ASUS Sabertooth X58 mobo

                                    Moon Phase: 12% Waxing Crescent


                                    I've noticed that Solidworks will forget any sort of changes to settings or various dialogs made during that session if it crashes. If 2 days ago the last file type setting I used was part and exited normally, then all day today I used assembly but crashed, when I start it up again the filter will revert to part.


                                    I also noticed that upgrading to a top of the line PC and giving Solidworks room to breathe cut my occurance of crashes to practically ZERO. YMMV...

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                                        Peter De Vlieger

                                        No matter if I crash or not, it just doesn't remember it. Never.


                                        I may open up one asm file after the other, edit them, close them, close SW. Start SW again and lo' and behold the open file dialog has reverted to .prt type display only.

                                        Each and every time. FYI, this is a brand new system with a brand new install of SW. In the last 1.5 years I have installed SW 5 times on 3 different machines (and 4 different harddrives) and I have never seen it behave as it should.


                                        Good to hear that for you it works.


                                        However, for me it doesn't. Nor does it for my collegue's and nor does it for ample other people it seems.

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                                            Joe Rochinski

                                            I did some digging in the registry and came up with the following:

                                            When Solidworks exits, it creates/updates the registry key "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Solidworks\Solidworks 2011\General\Last Open Index"


                                            Type: REG_DWORD

                                            Data: Numeric (Hex)


                                            Setting this key to a value of 1 will cause the filter to default to "All Solidworks Files" in the File->Open dialog.

                                            Setting it to 2 will cause it to default to filter parts.

                                            Setting it to 3 will cause it to default to filter assemblies.

                                            There are surely other values for the other items in the file type filter list, however this is as far as I tested.


                                            You can check to make sure this key exists and create it if it's missing.


                                            Since Solidworks changes the value of this each time the software exits, you could even write a batch script to set it the way you want every time  you start the software:


                                            In notepad create a file called StartSW.bat with the following:


                                            ; @ECHO OFF

                                            ; CLS

                                            ; REGEDIT.EXE /S "%~f0"

                                            ; "C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\SLDWORKS.exe"

                                            ; EXIT

                                            [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Solidworks\Solidworks 2011\General]

                                            "Last Open Index"=dword:00000001


                                            Every time you run this script, it will update the registry key and then start solidworks, with 'dword:00000001' causing the file type filter to display all solidworks files. You can replace the dword value with 'dword:00000003' if you want it to show assemblies instead. And of course, if you installed solidworks someplace besides the default location, you'll need to correct the path in the above script.


                                            Hope this helps.

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                                                Peter De Vlieger



                                                Certainly worth a try. Will let you know how it works out for me.


                                                Thank you kindly for the time and effort.





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                                                  Peter De Vlieger

                                                  hmm... okay so now when I start up SW it does show "All Solidworks Files" in the File->Open dialog. And it does it each and every time. Great. I can certainly deal with that.


                                                  Unfortunately, when doing an "insert component" then open dialog box that then springs up is not equal to the file-open dialog and therefor shows .prt only

                                                  On top of that, when I then do a normal file-open again the dialog box shows .prt only.


                                                  However, for the moment it looks as if once I have put everyone of those in the mode that I do want, that it remembers it.

                                                  Even if I would have to do that for every session (a.k.a. once a day as long as there are no crashes) I could certainly life with it.


                                                  Thanks again Joe, you certainly made my life less fustrating.

                                                  It's not the first time that I noticed that certain people on the forum give more, better and much faster help

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                                                Hardie Johnson

                                                +1 on remembering file type always

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                                                Jerry Steiger



                                                Since Joe pointed out that it is a registry setting that "remembers" the last used file type, I would guess that your computers have been set up so that users don't have permission to change registry settings.


                                                Jerry Steiger

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                                                    Peter De Vlieger



                                                    Nice idea but no.


                                                    I have full administration rights not only on my registry, not only on my computer but even on the entire company network (being involved in the IT side of things and all that) so I can't see rights having anything to do with it. On top of that I had to switch of the UAC of WIN 7 because of another "quirk" of SW concerning the Routing Library Manager.


                                                    Have a nice one.