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    Mate won't hold its position

    Anthony Quinn

      Good morning/afternoon,


      Im putting together an assembly and for some reason one of my plates wont hold its position once it's vertically mated.


      What happens is I add two mates to hold a plates position left to right and front to back, but as soon as I go to add a vertical mate to fully define the plate it nudges itself up, no error or anything. When I hit rebuild or try to move that part down back into position it will either drop down to where I want it and throw an error or keep its position and throw an error.


      I've tried using a coincident, distance and width mate and all three give the same result. I've tried mating it to a different part to fully define it and still it jumps up about a 1/8".  Even with no vertical mate everytime I hit rebuild it jumps back up. What am I missing?