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    Can SW2018 open PDM workgroups files

    John Chlebus

      I know SolidWorks 2018 no longer supports  PDM Workgroups.  I have been running PDM Enterprise for some time now, but still have many historic files in the Workgroups vault.


      In SW 2018 is there a way I can access the inactive files left behind in PDM Workgroups ?

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          John Matrishon

          John, is there a specific reason you didn't migrate the Workgroup data over to your PDM Pro vault?

          If you can't do that, I would keep one computer (if possible) with SW2017 on it.

          Opening the files is not the problem, you won't be able to run it inside SW2018, but you may be able to keep a running copy of SolidWorks Explorer 2017 and just retrieve the files that way?  Worth a shot, but I would still just reach out to your VAR and get them to help you migrate the data.