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Dimensions specified by a user when importing a part into an assembly? Basically a configuration with custom dimensions instead of predetermined

Question asked by Judah Loewen on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by Judah Loewen

As per the picture except instead of choosing a predetermined configuration, a fillable field(s) that is used to dimension the part.

For example: For this part, a field that specifies hole diameter instead of choosing one from the list.

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome! I'm assuming this will be done in a macro but not sure where to start.


The end goal, for those who are wondering, is an easy way to make ducting layout assemblies from a pen-and-paper site visit sketch. Currently I spend too long searching for just the right piece for say, an elbow [relevant details: diameter, corner radius], and then also making straight sections that are an awkward length [ex 52' 3"]. (Any comments on improving this process are also highly appreciated)


Thanks for your time.