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installing solidworks 2018 with sccm

Question asked by Trevor Stynes on Aug 16, 2018

So I downloaded the executable for SolidWorks 2018 and ran the installer to create an Admin Image.  But now I need to create an SCCM package to deploy it to multiple computers.  Everywhere I look online is telling me I can deploy it with the Option Editor.  But I'm also reading that it's not recommended for deployments larger than 30 computers.  Besides, we use SCCM to deploy all of our other products.


I found a couple of sites that explain how to deploy with SCCM but they're for SolidWorks 2014 which is different (I think).  I found a few others that were not very clear or complete.


Can somebody please tell me how I can create an SCCM deployment package of the Admin Image that I created for SolidWorks 2018?  This is driving me crazy.

Thank you all for your time.