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How to efficiently create large numbers of global variables.

Question asked by Michael Kudla on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by Michael Kudla

Hi there, thanks for reading.

I attempting to create a Part in SW2018 which uses a large number of global variables.

These variables represent dimensions which define spline curves (essentially), which are defined by a sketch.

My current design uses 8 splines with about 50 points each. Having an x,y,z dimension for each point means that I'm using ~ 8*50*3 = 1200 global variables.

These global variables are updated by means of a design table.

I have attempted to create these global variables within the Equation Editor, as well as by creating dimensions and defining a global variable within the dimension edit dialog.

The problem I'm having is that this process is VERY slow. Is there a way to more quickly create these variables, and then to subsequently assign them to another variable by means of an equation?

Thank you.