Josh Hixon

Discussion on the use of Pen displays for solidworks daily modeling use.

Discussion created by Josh Hixon on Aug 15, 2018

So a similar thread has been brought up to discuss the use of touchscreen displays with Solidworks, but I am more wondering what the community thinks about pen displays such as the Wacom Cintiq. That is an expensive option, but there are similar products that stay a little more in the reasonable range. It seems to me this would fix the problems of trying to use a touchscreen with fat fingers and selecting the hard to grab entities. It would also allow for the added speed and accuracy of using your own hand or rather a stylus to select tools and create entities.  I am always looking for tools and techniques that can increase my team's productivity, and am really considering going down this road.


Has anyone used a pen display to do full-on modeling operations in SolidWorks and what advantages and disadvantages does it present?

Are there other similar technologies you have used in conjunction with solidworks to increase productivity or accuracy of your work?