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    VPN version vs SDK

    Matt Thomas



      I have a question. I have two available options for me to get solidworks at home. The first is installing it and then connecting via a vpn to the schools network for authentication purposes or the second is via a student design kit where i use a serial number and just download and install it to the PC, no vpn.


      What my question is, is there a difference in time frame of how long i get to use each version?


      Would it be best to use the vpn option first, then when the time is up, use the sdk?


      thank you:)

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          Adrian Czapla

          Hi Matt,

          the main difference between products is functionality. Education Edition (VPN) is full release with SOLIDWORKS Premium, Simulation, Flow Simulation etc. tools. Student Design Kit (SDK) is SOLIDWORKS Standard, so you do not have access to add-ins. However, you can use SDK for a year with one time activation and even when you are offline. For Education Edition you have to remain connected with SolidNetWork license manager (the is a possibility to borrow a seat for 30 days).


          To sum up, SDK is easier to install and use. If you need access to add-ins you can ask your teacher/ CAD admin for Student Premium home use licesne (former Student Engineering Kit) which has the same functionality as Education Edition.

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            Matt Thomas

            Awesome thank you:) I will have to decide which will suit me. I only need it to model and pass the CSWA exam. I have two options because i am at two universities. One for areospace and the other for just modeling. However, the areospace school, one of the classes is basic modeling and they use the vpn version, whilst the other school that i do modeling at, uses just the sdk version.  Is it it possible to install one, then when my time is up, use the other? or is that a no no?


            Im gonna be sad when my time is up:( I wont know what to do haha.

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              Theodor Dreiser

              Personally, I tend to run it with VPN because it's easy to pick one that suits you. That is, there are vpn service reviews that can help you to get the most appropriate for your goals. Consider this option.