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Multiple Center or Mass locations in a Plant Layout

Question asked by Dennis Schuette on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by Doug Seibel

Hello All!


I would like to be able to multiple center of mass location into one plant layout by selecting the components to be included.


What I have is an assembly with multiple machines and platforms around them and I want to show the center of mass for each machine or a group of machines that are bolted together at the plant layout level.

Our work around right now is to create new assemblies of the components that we want to have grouped together, create the center of mass for that assembly file then bring them into another Plant Layout drawing and "show" the center of masses for each assembly then. I would really like to not have to create another assembly file.


When you go to Mass Properties you can select the component you want to group together to find the mass and center of mass but you cant take that any further by adding the icon to the assembly. if you check the "create center of mass feature" box it applies it to the whole layout and not what you have selected. and from what i have seen you can only have 1 center of mass per assembly?


We have SW Premium 2017 SP 4.1.