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    Unload Drawing Sheet

    Wayne Bird
      I thought there was a way of unloading drawing sheets in SW09? Can anyone tell me how to do this?


        • Unload Drawing Sheet
          Kelvin Lamport
          I don't know a way to unload a drawing sheet, but when loading the drawing you can select which sheets to load. (All, None or Select)
          • Unload Drawing Sheet
            Eddie Cyganik


            I'm with Kelvin on this one as I do not know how to unload a drawing sheet.

            Optionally you can RMB on the sheet, select Properties and then uncheck "Display sheet format".

            As another option, we have created blank sheets with nothing more than a border and company logo. They are simply referred to as A, B, C, D & E, as opposed to our actual drawing templates & sheet formats that are named; Asize, Bsize, etc. We use these when we are preparing to share data or produce images & drawing for presentations.

            Either case could provide a solution for you.