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    height of embossed wordmark logo

    Anton Ivanov

      Hi all,


      i have a design question regarding the height of embossed logo in plastic part. I have never done that so I am looking for some guidelines or shared experience on the height of the feature. Also, do I fillet the any of the edges?  The overall dimensions of the wordmark logo are 35mm by 5.5mm. I know it has to be drafted but. Thank you in advance.


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          Michael Paul

          height is somewhat arbitrary.  just depends what look you're going for.  but, if you go too high, you really need to core out the area behind the text so you don't get sink marks or other distortion happening due to the thicker wall section.


          generally for raised text, i go about .020 inches off the surface.


          you don't really need to draft it as features that small won't really stick in the tool.  plus, it will be shrinking away from the core anyway so you shouldn't really see any drag marks assuming the sides of the text are polished and not textured.  but, if you want to put 1/2° draft on the vertical surfaces that won't hurt either.  sometimes with text it can be a pain to put draft though.