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CAD files with ECN template .. How To Link ?

Question asked by Hazem Taha on Aug 16, 2018
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I need help in my implemented system, I created 2 workflows

  1. 1- Document WF for CAD Files ( Based On OR Conditions “ sldprt or slddrw or sldasm “ )
  2. 2- ECN WF for engineering change notes ( Based on category with 2 conditions “ variable for ECN No. and .xlsx extension “ )

- There are 2 data cards, one for cad files and one for ECN.

- Data card for cad files assigned to extensions sldprt,slddrw and sldasm

- Data card for ECN assigned to extension xlsx

- Let’s say, the cad files are working properly with all required approvals and revision starting from initial state till released state with revision A. and There is an excel template for ECN’s and it Is also working fine in its workflow with assigned data card.


- It is required that, when it comes to ECN the CAD files copied and pasted as references for the excel template.

And the cad files must be checked by the required department, accordingly it will follow the ECN template through its workflow.


My question is, how I could do this however there are 2 workflows and 2 data cards, each data card based on its related variables with conditions also.

Anyone can help me with typical process or structure of linking the 2 workflows