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Help needed with this linear motor study

Question asked by Colin Ng on Aug 15, 2018

Hi all, I've been wrecking my mind trying to do this motion study.


What I'm trying to achieve with it is that the part "RectangleV7.3 - Stiff-1 - backup" should be linearly oscillating by 10mm, which would case the spring to compress and extend, and the rectangular portion above it "RectangleV7.3 - Soft -1 - backup" to also extend and compress. In turn, the paddles "Wings V2 - Single material - backup" would rotate roughly 60 degrees up with each downward motion of "RectangleV7.3 - Stiff-1 - backup" and back down 60 degrees with the upward motion.


I've tried to achieve this by constraining the spring and soft rectangular part, and then adding an oscillating linear motor to "RectangleV7.3 - Stiff-1 - backup", and an oscillating rotary motor (60 degrees) to one of the paddles.


However, nothing seems to be working when I try calculating the motion.


I used the following 2 video tutorials to attempt this motion analysis: Advanced SolidWorks Animation - Deformation - YouTube & Solidworks motion tutorial Cam and Spring Animation - YouTube 


This is my 2nd try at motion analysis in Solidworks and it was much more complicated than my first one. Hope that I've explained my problems clearly enough! Please let me know if I've left anything out or was unclear about any part of my problem.