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C# menu command/hook can't capture all files

Question asked by Parker Roach-Reasor on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by Parker Roach-Reasor

Good evening,


I have an add-in that was designed in visual basics and we are transitioning over to C# for functionality purposes. This issue is that I'm having trouble translating some of the functionality over since some of the documentation doesn't seem to match up. I'll give an example of how I accomplished this and how its not working in the C#.

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Visual Basics(working)

Public Sub OnCmd(ByRef poCmd As EdmCmd, ByRef ppoData As System.Array) Implements IEdmAddIn5.OnCmd

     for a = 0 to ppoDataCount

          filename = ppoData(a) // I can use the ppoData aray to get all values





C#(not working)

public void OnCmd(ref EdmCmd poCmd, ref Array ppoData)
          //can't parse through the ppodata as an array here
          temp = ((EdmCmdData)ppoData.GetValue(0)).mbsStrData2.ToString(); //this is how values have to be pulled
          temp = "target workflow state


My issue is that I can't loop through ppoData and don't know how to loop through all selected files. I can only get the first one