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The quantity option on BOM balloons is NOT double dimensioning?

Question asked by Chris Canterbury on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by Dan Pihlaja

Engineers made the drawings I'm working with, so please forgive weird queries.


When I insert a BOM, it populates with Item and Quantity.  Some of the drawings I'm working with have a BOM and also have balloons with the quantity option ticked and an override value.  I read this as double dimensioning as the quantity is given in the BOM (e.g. 3), then a quantity is assigned to the balloon (e.g. 3).  This reads as three of whatever item, which has three items in it, or nine items all together.  I understand what the engineers want to convey, but suspect they are doing it incorrectly.


Some items have a BOM quantity of, say, 16, so having balloons of "8X item#" in one place, and "8X item#" in another place makes more sense, but I still think it's wrong.


Am I way off base?