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Sheet Metal - Auto Relief errors - recurring bug?

Question asked by Kameron Smith on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by Kameron Smith

Using SW'18 SP3, I have modeled a very simple sheet metal "box" by extruding a 10" square 2.5" tall, and Convert to Sheet Metal.  The material is 0.125" thick with matching bend radius.  When I move down and attempt to change the Auto Relief Type, SolidWorks acts strange.  The selected relief type is not reflected in the graphics window.  Selecting "Rectangular" acts as a "Tear" and even makes the Relief Ratio input box disappear, Where as selecting "Tear" acts as a "Square" and even offers me the Relief Ration option.


I've tried refreshing, reopening, rebooting...  The problem doesn't happen every time I convert a solid to sheet metal, but it is persistent to that part, once it has happened.  Nothing seems to correct the error, once it has happened.


I searched the forums and found this post from Nov 2014 -


I have to wonder if this bug has been around since then?