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Copying sheets to a new drawing - auxiliary views vanish!

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by Gordon Rigg

I read this thread, but for me all is not well. How to copy sheets with drawing and section views from one drawing into another drawing?

My drawing sheet contains the creation date.

Copying a drawing to a new name doesnt change the creation date.

This is not good, for many reasons, one of which might be if you have to prove prior art (when your drawings are achived with an independant third party).

The creation date ofd a drwing must not change every time you save it, but also it must have a new date if you create a new part drawing based on an old one.

so far I didnt find a solution to this problem.

My work round is to copy the drawing sheets from my old drawing into a new drawing. now I get a new creation date. Great.

This was fine but now I fond some drawing views cannot be pasted, and vanish off the sheet that has been copied.

Section views are fine, provided the source view and the section view are on the same sheet.

Projected auxiliary views don't behave.for example view on arrow X, even when source view is on the same sheet.

i get an error message  - some drawing views <drawing view8> cannot be pasted do you want to continue? This is disappointing. I would expect the entire drawing sheet that is self contained, to be copy-able into a new drawing.

auxiliary view.png

View B "cannot be pasted", even though I am pasting the whole sheet with both view B and its source view.


Is there any solution to this?

  1. Copy and paste sheets with auxiliary projected views?
  2. A way to get a new creation date? or at least a drawing date that is fixed, and updated when ding a "save as" using some other field rather than the windows file creation date.