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Question asked by Daniel Melendez on Aug 14, 2018
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Is there an admin forum/page/group similar to this group/forum?

I'm being elected for an admin position again and I wholeheartedly welcome it. But with no formal training and a company a little larger than the one I was previously an admin at.

Plus the last place I was the sole SWx user when I started so the kick off wasn't too bad.

This current job they already have many people using SWx in the most terrible way possible. Some using it like Autocad others just doing what they can to get stuff out.

Almost none have ever worked in a shop nor as a designer just as simple draftsman and as the owner puts it's so rightly, they're just drawing/modeling pictures.


They follow no real standards so I know my work is most def cut out for me.


Any help or attention would be greatly appreciated.


CAD standards welcome