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how to easily model npt external threads using Hole Wizard?

Question asked by Varun Sharma on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by Scott Leacox

i'm having trouble modeling NPT based threads on my model. I have to design it based on a 1" thread. I dont know how to get it going on solidworks via hole wizard. I've tried but it doesent work.


I tapered my cylinder to 1.79 degrees and want to use the outside diameter to place the threads. The specs I need to follow are as follows:


Pipe: 1"

Threads/in " 11.5

Pipe Diam: 1.315

Tap Drill : 1-5/32

Pitch : 0.08696

Pitch Diameter @ beginning of thread: 1.213



as you can see from my picture the bottom cylinder is already tapered to the NPT standard of 1.79 degrees but not sure how I can go from here..any help would be greatly appreciated!!