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[API]about  GetPreviewBitmapFile method

Question asked by Xiao Cake on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Xiao Cake

I want to create  previews  for each solidworks models in VB6.

I use the swApp.GetPreviewBitmapFile to create bitmap files,it seems that this is the only way to create preview file for sw models in VB6(as I know)

The bitmap files has been created,but they seem to have been broken,the back color of the bitmaps is random,they are not what I want.

I also tested this method in solidworks VBA,the files that created is also not normal.

There is another method swApp.GetPreviewBitmap, it create bitmap(stdole.StdPicture) and works well,but it can be use only in VBA environment.

Is there anyone have the same problem?

The attached Pictures  blew are the bitmapfiles that created by swApp.GetPreviewBitmapFile