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    R410A in flow Simulation

    Syed Ali

      Anyone know how to get R410A as a predefined gas and/or liquid? is it included in the HVAC Module?

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          Richard Bremmer

          Quick search in the SolidWorks KB:

          S-065057 Should the Engineering Database look different (incomplete; items seem to be missing) depending on whether either the HVAC or Electronics Cooling modules for Flow Simulation are available? Are there images available showing the expected difference(s)?

          Yes. If the Flow Simulation license does not include the extra modules, the Engineering Database will not contain as many items.

          Please see the attached screenshots which show an example comparison of the Engineering Database User Interface as well as a detailed view of the items listed under Materials > Solids > Pre-Defined > Metals with and without the extra modules.

          Please also refer to the following solutions which may be useful:



          I have all flow modules and R410A is available in the Engineering database under "real gases", not sure if it is because of HVAC. I suspect one of the other Solutions will help.

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            Bill Dempsey

            I don't have HVAC but I do have Electronics Cooling.  R410A is under "Real Gases".