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Smart component help

Question asked by Gary Liptrot on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by Frank Ruepp



I’m delving into somewhat unknown territory here so bear with me and apologies if some of my questions are considered basic. 


How complicated can you make smart components?  Like if I want to add a door to a blank wall, can I create a single smart component door that when added to the assembly creates the doorway cut out, adds a frame around the doorway, adds the hinges, screws, lock and strike plate etc, plus all associated holes for fixings?  Or would you create multiple smart components to achieve this? I.e. One for the door to create the doorway and frame, another for the hinges, and a third for the lock mechanism?



Also, are smart components like any other assembly component or are they inserted as unique instances? For example, if I wanted two doors in the assembly but each of different sizes can I modify dimensions of one without affecting the other?  Or would I have to rely on something like a design table and configurations already within the smart component for that?


I don’t want to write a macro if I can use functionality already within the software.