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    Sydney SOLIDWORKS User Group - Meeting  - September 2018

    Michael Lord

      I’m pleased to announce that the next meeting of the Sydney SOLIDWORKS User group is to be held on:

      Wednesday 12th September 2018- 6:30pm Start


      The meeting is to be held at: DOOLEYS Waterview Club  - Wilson Room http://www.dooleys.com/dooleys_waterview.htm

      Cnr. of Clyde Street and Silverwater Road, Silverwater (Onsite Parking available)



      Mark Cray from H-Tech Metrology www.hitechmetrology.com.au along with Central Innovation:


      A joint presentation from Hi-Tech Metrology and Central Innovation that will take the attendees through the process of reverse engineering and mechanical design.

      Discussion will centre around the demonstration of laser scanning and measuring an existing part using state of the art 3D technology creating the necessary information that will allow 3D design to take place in SolidWorks. This will be a practical, realistic demonstration showing the total flow from Part to a 3D SolidWorks CAD model. Ample time for questions and discussion will form part of this presentation. 


      I’m personally looking forward to seeing this presentation.  We hear much about “digital scanning” and it’s use.  It will be great to see the process from scanning to SOLIDWORKS.


      Looking forward to seeing all those who can attend the meeting. 


      Light Refreshment provided.

      Penne with boscaiola

      Assorted Pizza

      Greek salad

      Freshly baked bread rolls & butter