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"Sketch contains dimensions or relations that no longer exist"

Question asked by Matthew Robertson on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2018 by John Stoltzfus

Hello everyone, I'm working on a prototype part that I'm making lots of little adjustments on as I test out different shapes and features to see how they might work. It's a pretty simple piece just using a couple extruded sketches and cuts, but since I'm constantly making changes I keep getting error messages from features further down the tree from sketches saying they are missing dimensions or relations when I make changes to the first feature sketch. Initially I thought it was because I was sometimes using a face on the part to make a sketch plane that I would then use for another feature, but after using nothing but the origin planes for my sketches and still getting the error I'm not really sure how to prevent it from happening, or how to quickly fix the issue besides deleting the feature and redrawing it.