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Can't edit power surface feature, display issues

Question asked by Josh Geating on Aug 10, 2018

After creating a power surface feature and going back to edit on a later day, the feature won't open. The cursor shows a loading icon for a split second, but nothing happens. Previously, I found a workaround to add a power surface feature such as a box to the part (before attempting to open the desired power surface feature), then the original power surface feature would open. However, that has not been working despite various Solidworks and PC restarts, among other attempts shooting in the dark. Has anyone had similar issues in the past?


A separate problem - an imported part I'm surface modeling around doesn't display only when I zoom in while editing the power surface feature. The part displays just fine outside of power surfacing, and when I'm zoomed out (i.e. double middle click), but if I want to zoom in to move any vertices or edges around, the imported part (non-power surface) disappears. The workaround was to remake the part (the power surface part, not the imported part), from scratch, and the issues has not come up again. Things that did not work - enable software rendering, changing various display/view parameters, restarting Solidworks/PC, opening the part on another PC. It appears to only affect the specific part.


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