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Having trouble downloading Solidworks and i get an error when manually download packages

Question asked by Jozef Milenkiewicz on Aug 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Don Ricciardiello

I have been attempting to download Solidworks onto my laptop for the past few days now but every time I begin the download it the installation manager reports:

download error. If the problem persists, a proxy server might be preventing automatic downloads.

I also get an error 403 when I try the manual download option too. On top of that I am also trying to download the SOLIDWORKS API SDK from the manual download packages page but I get the error


An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #50.15508795.1534038867.d664a3f 


I have seen similar forum posts on these same issues however they are never properly answered and filled with unhelpful comments